This is where I’m supposed to tell you something about ME however I’m not used to talking about myself…..perhaps later……so I’ll tell you about my blog.

I have a passion for travelling around Europe and British Isles. Of course, I also enjoy taking in the sights of my own beautiful country, Australia.

My blog was conceived on a day trip to Tamworth in January 2012. Ty and I were talking about my writing which had come to a standstill and how best to get it started again. The idea of a blog came up just as we drove into torrential rain! “What’s the rain got to do with it? you ask, absolutely nothing I just remember the scene clearly!! My husband encouraged me to start the blog about my travel adventures. I thought about it, not really confident I have the ability to entertain through my writing but I agreed to try it and decided upon a name but it was another month before the blog was actually born. So my husband is to blame for me adding myself to the blogging community.

I should also warn all potential readers – I write as I speak or think so my tales will not always be grammatically correct but that’s the fun of a blog I can choose to to say it as I see it.

I hope you enjoy reading my prattle and please feel free to leave a comment. I welcome all comments and feedback.



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