Paris in Business Class all the way!!

Our flight today is to France via Kuala Lumpur with Malaysian Airlines. We treated ourselves, once again, to Business Class so Ty was keen to spend time in the Qantas Business Lounge. I think I’m becoming accustomed to business class travel and believe me it isn’t difficult.

We dropped puss at the pet boarding facility before going home and loading the bags into the car. Smokey was not impressed, cried and, as usual, disgraced herself on the 5 minute drive. Animals have a way of making us humans feel guilty as if we’re abandoning them when they’re only having a holiday away from us. We call it fat camp given she won’t be fed on demand so will loose a little of the extra flab she’s carrying from over eating and lack of exercise!!

Why is it, even though my bag is packed and everything is organised the night before, I still madly rush around up to 1 minute before we leave the house?? We were up early washing towels and bed linen ensuring everything was tidy, bins emptied, power points turned off, etc, etc and so on……….does everyone else do this??

Bags weighed, locks on and placed in car boot. Too bad if we have forgotten anything – the airport is next stop.

Finally in the car, phew, we both felt like we’d completed a 2 hour Zumba class.

As we arrive at the airport and head to check in I wonder how full the fight would be given the events of the past week. Malaysian Airlines were giving people the option of refunding but we had no desire to refund or rebook and airplane travel on the whole is quite safe. It could happen to any airline. I wouldn’t say I was nervous as I love flying and when you live in Australia you need to fly to see the world. I was conscious of those poor souls on the plane shot down over Ukraine and whenever I travel my mind turns to thoughts of updated wills and what mess would I be leaving my family to sort out. But neither Ty or I would consider not flying…..we both love it!

Check in was a breeze, no one in the Business Class line, we received express passes to take us through customs and baggage check. Unfortunately the express pass didn’t prevent me from having to step into the full body scanner for the second time this year. “Place your feet on the yellow outlines and place your hands above you head, with tips of fingers meeting” instructed the female customs officer. I struck my pose as requested and noted, to myself of course, that this was a similar stance to one of our Zumba numbers…I didn’t think the customs officer would appreciate my analogy.

First stop was the Pandora shop where my husband purchase the obligatory pandora charm for whichever bracelet I’m wearing on the day. This has become a ritual when leaving for an overseas holiday…by looking at the bracelets you’d think we had many holidays but that’s not the case , he is quite generous to me.

That ritual taken care of we’re off to the Qantas Lounge for a relax, a little food and a glass of something cold… wine!!!

Boarding the plane was very fast, we walked up to Gate 31, passport and boarding pass checked straight on and shown to seat 2. There are many babies and toddlers on this flight but thankfully none up this end of the plane so the cabin us very quiet. Our last flight from Hawaii was full of littlies with several toddlers around us screaming for the duration of the flight. Made for a most uncomfortable time.

An hour after takeoff we were served drinks and an appetiser of sate chicken and beef. Ty, ever the messy eater, dropped sate sauce on his crisp white tablecloth so before serving the next course the stewardess whipped away the stained cloth and replaced it with a clean one. A short time later arrived an entree of finely chopped potato salad base and smoked salmon terrine. We had ordered a special main meal from Chefs on Call as well so by the time my meal arrived I could barely eat it. Let me tell you Business Class is not good for the waistline!!!! I always eat way too much. On the other hand husband has a bottomless pit as he polished off all the items on every plate AND happily accepted a mango flavoured Weiss Bar washed down with a black coffee!!! I know who will be coming back a porker from this trip and it won’t be me:)


up and away in business class

The staff are very attentive and happy, lots of smiles, nothing too much trouble for them.

No overnight stopover for us this time….a 3 hour layover at KL then on an A380 to Paris. Supper, a flat bed seat with inbuilt massager and a few hours sleep……need to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for a busy day in Paris.

We’re almost 4 hours into the flight and I’ve watched a movie, written this blog and now I’m looking for something else to occupy me. Could read I suppose…..

Arrived in KL now and relaxing over coffee in the Malaysian Airlines Golden Lounge before the next leg. The porker with me has decided it’s food time again – lol!!

See you all in my next blog from Paris……..

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